Moondream Press

Books Are The Real Starships And Magic Wands

Moondream Press is the first fantasy imprint for Copper Dog Publishing, and endeavors to publish the best of the current new school of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Our flagship SHA’DAA shared-world anthology series leads this charge with an impressive roster of fantastic authors.

Racket River Press

Poetry Flows From Page To Soul

Racket River Press is an independent literary press that seeks for and publishes mainstream poetry by new artists with fresh and unique voices, and whose works are diverse and resonate with cultural distinctiveness.

Pumpkin Hill Press

A Child’s Mind Is The Doorway To Peace

Pumpkin Hill Press endeavors to produce quality children’s books with compelling verse and distinct and vivid illustrations. We also plan to publish a line of young adult fantasy books that will appeal to both children and adults alike.

At Pumpkin Hill Press we feel that in today’s maelstrom of computer games and cable TV, books for children and young adults are more relevant and necessary than ever. In a world of ever-growing media and technology distractions, a finely crafted and masterful story is the best way to keep the next generation well grounded in the real world.